With a combination of Tax specialist , Economist, Accountant and Lawyers within Experience we can assist you in transfer pricing documentation.

The transfer pricing documentation requirement also applies to national enterprises engaged in domestic related party transactions, i.e. transactions with other domestic associated companies.

Depending on your need, Bristol Tax Service Indonesia will assist you with the following measures that you may need to take in response to a transfer pricing issue:

  1. Reviewing the appropriateness of your global tax planning in light of the Indonesian tax legislation taking into account the tax treaty in force and international standards (OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines).
  2. Preparing or reviewing transfer pricing documentation pertaining to controlled transactions involving Indonesian entities.
  3. Defending your company’s merit in transfer pricing-related controversies against the ITO in a tax audit, a tax objection, or a litigation before the tax court.
  4. Representing or assisting you in dealing with the ITO, if required, in the event of mutual assistance agreement (MAP).


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